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Baileys sells tropical fish, goldfish, and other aquatic items to retailers, such as pet stores and pet departments of larger stores, who then resell the items to the public.
We also provide advice, information, and training about caring for the items that we sell to our customers.
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Baileys is a wholesale distributor of a wide variety of freshwater tropical fish, goldfish, and other aquatic items to retail pet stores and pet departments. Our customers resell these fish to their retail customers. Baileys does not sell any fish to the public.

  The Bailey Brothers
with Nevin on the left and Tom on the right have been pet fish wholesalers for more than 45-years. From June of 2002 until December of 2011 they were the hosts of Pet Fish Talk, a weekly 2-hour long internet talk show about keeping pet fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.
Baileys has been owned and operated for over 45-years by two brothers, Tom and Nevin Bailey, shown in the picture above. Click here to see several more pictures.

Our current facility was built in 1976, which makes it one of the oldest continuously operated wholesaler tropical fish facilities in the country.

We have also continuously upgraded our facilities with new equipment, and over the years we've carefully written detailed lists of daily tasks to ensure that every fish in our aquariums gets proper care.

We believe that excellent fish quality is the result of dedicated people, given proper training and supervision, who strive everyday to get all the details right.

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