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Baileys sells tropical fish, goldfish, and other aquatic items to retailers, such as pet stores and pet departments of larger stores, who then resell the items to the public.
We also provide advice, information, and training about caring for the items that we sell to our customers.
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Below are two videos that show some Anableps. These two videos are samples of the many other videos available on this web site.
An adult Anablep. Please wait for this video to download.   This video shows an Anablep swimming in a large aquarium with its eyes out of the water, and dunking its head under the water from time to time.
An adult Anablep with a young Anablep. Please wait for this video to download.   Here is an adult Anablep swimming with a young Anablep. Anableps are often called Four-Eyed Fish, but they have only two eyes.
Below are links to all of the fish videos on this web site. Click on the underlined text links to go another page with the video of that fish.
Green Terror Cichlid
Harlequin Rasboras
Discus Fish
Rhino Fish
Bigger Tetras

Rosy Barbs
Neon Tetras
Big Ol' Texas Cichlid
Cherry Barbs
Flower Horn Cichlid
Tiger Barbs


Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
Farowella Catfish
Saber Tusk Barracuda
Banded Hifin Shark
Fancy Guppies

Black Moor Goldfish
Calico Fantail
Red and White Fantail
Red Cap Oranda
Black Ghost Knifefish
Cardinal Tetras
Fresh Water Sting Rays
Australian Rainbowfish
Large Clown Knife Fish
Large Piranhas
Mature Male Electric Blue Hap
African Black Knife
30" Black Pacu
8" Tinfoil Barb
Upside Down Catfish
Large Archer Fish

Large Distichodus sexfasciatus
Polypterus delhezi (Bichir)
Electric Eels
African Tiger Fish
30"+ Silver Arowana
Large Buttikoferi Cichlids
Fresh Water Barracudas
Frontosa Cichlid
Brichardi Cichlids
Clown Loach
Congo Tetras
Asian Arowanas
Hap. Moorii
Glass Fish and Glass Catfish
Big Bala Sharks
Freshwater Baby Whale
Elephant Nose
Mbuna Cichlids
Pond Comet Goldfish
Ghost Shrimps
Freshwater Dwarf Puffer
Angel Fish
Lyretail Mollies
Spiny Eels
White Clouds
Peacock Gudgeon
Blood Parrots
Amano Shrimp
Female Mbuna Cichlid - holding eggs in her mouth.
Marbled Angel Fish
Three Spot Gouramis
Pond Koi
Anostomus anostomus
Synodontis nyassae Catfish
Leporinus fasciatus
Plaid Juli
White Line Knifefish
Severum Cichlids
Siamese Tiger Fish
Osphronemus goramy
Convict Cichlids
Mozambique Tilapia
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