What We Do

Baileys sells tropical fish, goldfish, and other aquatic items to retailers, such as pet stores and pet departments of larger stores, who then resell the items to the public.
We also provide advice, information, and training about caring for the items that we sell to our customers.
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What's New

11/14/2002. Click here to see the new video of a nice Red and White Fantail.

11/10/2002. Click here to see the new video of a Black Moor.

09/09/2002. New page named Forms that contains company forms such as the letterhead.

09/09/2002. Reports Page reorganized.

06/05/2002. First broadcast of PetFishTalk, an internet talk show about keeping Pet Fish in aquariums, fish bowls, and ponds.

PetFishTalk is hosted by Tom and Nevin Bailey, owners of Baileys Wholesale Tropical Fish.

Click here for more about Pet Fish Talk.

04/31/2002. We have a new and even better dedicated server for this web site.

01/31/2002. Uploaded this web site for Baileys onto the new dedicated web server.

01/31/2001. Uploaded this new web site for Baileys onto the internet.

11/21/2000. Baileys received the Supplier Award of Excellence for 3rd Quarter, 2000 from Wal-Mart Stores. Click here to see this award.

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